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Why a Book Project Manager?

Let us focus on your book, it's our calling so you can focus on yours!

In the broadest sense, I plan, organize, and direct the completion of the publishing process for an author’s book while ensuring that the book is on time, on budget, and within scope.

At CLC Kenya, we have a pool of editors, proofreaders, cover designers, layout designers, registration officers, digital assets and resources as well as book industry experience to ensure your book succeeds. 

Self-Publishing facilitated by clc kenya

My Book Projects Management @CLC Kenya

200 +
Authors Served
1 +
Countries Served
1 +
Ministries Served
50 +
Pastors Empowered

Making Christian literature available to all Nations
So that people come to faith & Maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ!


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About Me

About Me

Those close to me know that my passion burns the core of who and what I am. This passion was in Finance, Accounting and Business Consultancy for many years (and it was great while it lasted). However, books are my first love career-wise.

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