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  • So inspiring. I could identify myself with this article, indeed,waiting is a tortoreous journey but with God beside me, he gave me the grace to complete my Book project. Whenever I felt I completed,a hindrance came my way,from silly errors to restructuring,delays and frustrations,health, my pressure always shot whenever the book was returned to me and the time to go through it over and over.For the last 5 years,I have struggled to finish and now am yet to Lauch my Book but I’m happy I did it. From the previews of those who have bought a copy. I am greatly inspired. I can hold my Book and proudly say,I am an Author

  • That is significant. Book dedication is something always forgotten or ignored by authors. Probably out of fear for disappointing close friends or relatives who might feel offended that they are not on the dedication list.But it’s always good while you’re on s subject to acknowledge those who may have been of positive influence in your disposition.

  • Thank you for such an informative article. Learned quite a few things.

  • Informative and eye opening. Looking forward to practically implement some of the ideas shared in the article. To sell my book, l need to work it.

  • Author’s Biography

    Mr. and Mrs. Mwakazi have been in Church ministry for over the past twenty years, teaching, counselling and helping churches, marriages and families to grow and thrive. In addition, Mr. Mwakazi holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from European Theological Seminary. Together, as a team they traverse Kenya and East Africa holding teaching engagements and ministering especially to the hurting and confused the Good news that Jesus Christ is able to heal, restore and strengthen the afflicted. God has blessed them with four wonderful Children; Princess, Shepherd, Angel and Gloria. They reside in Nairobi, Kenya. For prayers and counselling you can reach them through +254719441948 or

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    Mayo Clinic and others,Clinical depression
    Crossway: Did You Know That Charles Spurgeon Struggled with Depression?Michael Reeves February 24, 2018
    Spag magazine : Believers who suffered depression, Vicki Nunn ,1st december 2016,
    WebMD Feature Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD on April 12, 2011

  • Outline

    1. The trigger

    2. The onset of depression

    3. Battling with depression

    4. Overcoming Depression

    5. The victory

  • Outline

    1. The trigger

    2. The onset of depression

    3. Battling with depression

    4. Overcoming Depression

    5. The victory

  • Define who is your target audience (reader) for your book.

    Our target audience is mainly for those young ministers of the gospel who have a calling to serve God and are going through a myriad of baffling situations and setbacks.

    Set up a writing timetable

    We are planning on writing everyday for some hours or so. Our schedule is hectic but we want to discipline ourselves to write especially after the children have gone to sleep at night or have gone to school in the morning hours.

    Working Title:

    The reflections of

    a young pastor; The life, struggles and victories of The Mwakazi’s

  • Answer the question, “Why are you writing?”

    We are writing to encourage ministers who are beginning to serve God in various fields and the entire Body of Christ at large and even those who are in the ministry to know and understand that in spite of the challenges we face that God is well able to see us through, to strengthen us and help us emerge victorious.

  • Wow! I have enjoyed reading this and I feel inspired to reach out to a certain age group I have been thinking about prayerfully for some time now.
    I must say that light has been brought my way.

    Thank you.

  • For over a decade, I have had reflections of my short lived life. I am convinced that as much as I have not lived too long on the earth, I have had some life transforming experiences; experiences that even people that are chronologically older than me haven’t had. The experiences are good and bad in equal measures. My reason for wanting to put my many short stories that sum up to where I today, is to be a source of encouragement, be a resource and a hope through God’s leading. There are things I wish I had someone to hold my hand through. I want to hold someone else’s hand that could be in the same predicaments I was in. I am a firm believer of “life don’t just happen” There’s always a reason, and my desire for writing could be the answer to many in generations to come. My life’s events bigger and smaller happened for me to edify someone else and I am committed to doing that.

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  • Thanks Mercy God bless.

  • Thanks a million @Mercy

  • Thanks for the highlights God bless.

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