Marriage, Thistles & Flowers


Readers will find frank and insightful answers to questions about: 

  • Financial constraints,
  • Infidelity,
  • Previous relationships and friendships,
  • Single parenthood
  • Remarriage after divorce or death of a spouse,
  • And Conflict resolution

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A must-read for every married couple, Marriage, Thistles & Flowers book provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about marriage in the 21st century. Barnie and Grace Achoki provide answers and insight on hundreds of questions that have been asked by writers to their Newspaper’s Relationships Column over the last several years.

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About Me

Those close to me know that my passion burns the core of who and what I am. This passion was in Finance, Accounting and Business Consultancy for many years (and it was great while it lasted). However, books are my first love career-wise.

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