The first two weeks of a writing class (or any other class) are the most critical in a writer’s book writing journey. This is the time to test your commitment to your newly set goals. Like any other goal, you will be tested one too many times to quit and maybe try another time. There isn’t really a better time to achieve your goals other than now. The challenges you are encountering today will probably be there tomorrow or other complex ones might crop up in the future. The future might be a better time anyway, but who knows. It’s better to work with what you know now than a probability in the future. Make it happen today!
Many times we hear people say things like, “I don’t have the willpower to do that,” as they watch others achieve their goals. Sometimes it looks like some people were simply born with divine willpower while others were overlooked as self-discipline superpowers were being handed out by God. This is far from the truth because self-discipline is a learned skill, not an innate characteristic.
The good news is, once you acquire the skill you can keep it for a lifetime and you can replicate it in other areas of your life. What I am encouraging you on today is – you signed up for the class because you wanted to complete writing your book, you owe it to yourself to finish that goal. One win can be all you need to start a series of wins.
I know there all sorts of challenges you have experienced in the last fortnight – attacks on health, work schedules that have tightened, travels that have cropped up – these are all part of life. Workaround them and do not allow yourself to be distracted or defeated!

How to Write an Author’s Bio

Having an appropriate bio as an author sends the right message to your readers and potential readers. The bio is the first introduction a reader has on you. People are looking for reasons why they should spend their time reading what you have written. You need to instil confidence in your readers that you are knowledgeable on the subject matter.

How to Write an Author’s Bio

How to Write a Book Introduction

Books often start with an introduction before getting into the detailed chapters of the book. This introductory chapter is usually between one to three pages long, and is meant to provide information on what the book is going to be about. It gives background information, talks about why the book is important and gives an overview of the contents.

How to Write a Book Introduction

Assignment 3.0 Author's Bio

Assignment 3.0 – Author’s Bio

Assignment 3.1 - Your Book Introduction

Assignment 3.1 – Your Book Introduction

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