Neo's Journey towards Purpose

Follow the life of Neo, an African girl who navigates the challenges and obstacles in her path of purpose. This is an autobiographical fiction of the life of  Dr. Muthoni Omukhango aimed at empowering teenagers, young adults and grown ups with lessons to apply in their life's journey towards becoming.

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Once upon a time: chapter 1
The prophecy: chapter 2
The first Bible: chapter 3
The first dream encounter: chapter 4
The second dream encounter: chapter 5
Life at Mountains high school: chapter 6
A lesson well-learned: chapter 7
The power of company: chapter 8
At the rock bottom: chapter 9
At the rock bottom: chapter 10
A woman of steel: chapter 11
Salvation through a baby: chapter 12
If God does then I will : chapter 13
Frank and Bentas divine help: chapter 14
Would-have regrets: chapter 15
Purpose is a journey not destination: chapter 16

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