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Yes. My name’s Muthoni Omukhango and I’m passionate about the written Christian literature. After a decade+ working with CLC Kenya, a Christian missions organization that uses Christian literature to impact lives for Jesus Christ, I’ve come to discover the great power books have in terms of shaping our societies. I’ll be highlighting some of these conversations and topics I’m passionate about in parenting, marriage, Marketplace and featuring other authors who are doing amazingly well in their book writing ministries. I pray that you will be impacted as much as I have!

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Join me, Muthoni Omukhango

Episode 1: How to Nurture Friendship with the Risen Christ featuring Richard Mwebesa, Dr. Naomy Olero, Nelly Kagoru & Jimmy Nzioki

Books are ministry tools to help us dig deeper into the Word of God, and lead us to devotion and introspect – take a deep look at our walk and relationship with God.

As we go deeper into a book’s content, we change our perspective on certain things we may be looking at in a singular perspective. For instance, we may feel that we do not have enough to give because we, for instance, do not have any material things. However, in real sense, we could give of our time, service, love among others. Such a revelation would lead us to friendship with the risen Christ.

Episode 2: Authors, Books & Coffee | Parenting With A Mission featuring Dr. Carol Chakua & Margaret A. Vidolo

There are different styles and ways to parent your child – one different from one home to another. In fact, often time, one different from one child to another even in the same home. The foundation has to be the Word of God.

As we look at Parenting With A Mission, we emphasize on you setting your goals and intention and sticking to them as you parent your child or children. And if you have done your very best and your child turns out the way you did not anticipate, continue to rely on God to shepherd them to His will.

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Program Chart

Equipping this Generation to Empower the Next!

Season 1 Parenting (Mondays) 

Authors, Books & Coffee Podcast

Season 1 African Christian Authors (Tuesdays)

Market Place Ministries

Season 1 Too Busy for Worship (Wednesdays)

Kingdom Business

Season 1 Making Kingdom Impact (Thursdays)

Back on My Feet

Season 1 The How to Manual for Single Parents (Fridays)

Hearing the Voice of God

Season 1 God's Knowledge to Cover the Earth (Saturdays)

Making Marriage Work

Season 1 Marriage/Remarriage (Sundays)

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