How To Prepare Yourself, Child(ren) and Future Spouse For Marriage

Back On My Feet

In the previous modules, we looked at the causes of single parenthood and went through steps to analyse your situation, forgive yourself (or whoever you feel is responsible – spouse, God, friends etc.) and move on with life. We also looked at the plan to escape from the challenges of single parenthood.

In this module, we will be looking at how you can thrive and flourish in your current stage of life and if you wish to get married or re-marry, how to prepare yourself, your children and a spouse when the time is right.




Have you been hurt so much in the past (by God-seemingly, ex-spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend) that you are afraid to love and be loved again? Here's a word to help you get back the desire to marry/remarry...

Fallen or Failed? Here’s How To Get Back On Your Feet

How To Prepare For Marriage/Remarriage (Module Outline)

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Be A Model For Your Child(ren)

For many children, the most important role models are their parents and caregivers.

Understanding Marriage

Because knowledge is power.

How To Prepare Yourself For Marriage/Remarriage

For you to be an equal contributor towards this purpose you need to prepare yourself toward discovering your individual purpose.

How To Prepare Your Child(ren)

Your child(ren) are critical participants that need to be notified of changes in your marital status.

How To Prepare Your Spouse-To-Be

Letting your spouse-to-be know about your single parenthood situation right away is critical.

Module Resources

Here, you will find different organizations and individuals offering mariagge resources. 


Be Your Child’s Role Model

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