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Dr. Muthoni Omukhango

Dr. Muthoni Omukhango is the National Director at CLC Kenya (, a Christian missions organisation bringing people to faith and maturity in Jesus Christ through Christian literature. She has over 14 years in Christian book industry in Africa and has been instrumental in setting up book programs, a publishing arm, an author’s program serving over 900 authors from 13 countries in Africa (, writing classes, missions programs as well as children’s publishing programs.

She writes extensively on marriage, parenting, marketplace ministries and readership-authorship in Africa at

Series: Market Place Ministries

My All Time Favourite Books 

The Path: An African Girl’s Journey to Purpose

Embark on an exciting adventure with Neo, an African girl, in ‘The Path,’ an autobiographical fiction story by Dr. Muthoni Omukhango. Follow Neo as she faces challenges and overcomes obstacles on her journey to find her purpose.

This captivating tale is like a treasure map, guiding you with valuable lessons for your own adventures in growing up. By joining Neo’s journey of discovery, you’ll uncover important truths about finding your purpose and becoming your best self as ordained by God. It’s a delightful and transformative story that will inspire and captivate your young heart.

Jesus Killed My Business: But Gave Me His

From a tender age, Muthoni Omukhango envisioned building a multi-million-dollar empire that would consequently support the work of God through foundations and missionary centres. Jesus Killed My Business is the story of a business consulting firm that was stopped at the pinnacle of its success. After years of hard work and at the point of an opportunity to expand and bring in millions in profits, everything stopped!

Through Muthoni’s journey of disappointment in God and near depression due to the closure of her business, she discovered that God’s plan for her life was far greater than she could have ever imagined.

With His business, she found immense joy, fulfilment, and a deeper sense of purpose in her full-time ministry that money could never provide.

Embracing the interjection of God’s grace, mercy, and purpose, Muthoni embarked on a journey that would not only impact her own life but also touch the lives of thousands of Christian authors in Africa and abroad.

Too Busy For Worship: Recovering The Heart of Worship In Our Daily Work

Have you lost the heart of worship in your daily work like I did?

I must confess; I am a recovering workaholic. In previous seasons of my life, this trait seemed quite endearing and many praised me for how hard I often worked. I soaked in that glory, deceitfully ‘scripturising’ it as burning the midnight oil (shaking my head now), as drawn from the parable of the ten virgins. As I grow deeper in my walk with God and get older in years, I have come to appreciate the difference between diligently going about my Father’s business and being too busy for worship.

I am on a quest to restore the heart of worship in my daily work and I invite you to join me…

Too Busy For Worship: Program Journal

This is the program journal of the book, Too Busy For Worship by Dr. Muthoni Omukhango. It will help you:

1. To capture your developing responses as a reader.
2. Understand what you are reading.
3. Show how you are improving as a reader.
It is a record of your thoughts as you read which is completely unique and different from anyone else’s.

In the main book, you will learn:
1. That God ordained work and He was the first worker
2. That we were created to work without toiling
3. The significance of Sabbath and how to rest today
4. Best Biblical example of working from a place of rest

Back On My Feet: The “How To” Manual For Single Parents

This book brings with it a beautiful blend of spiritual and psychosocial counsel, formidable keys in breaking free from the enemy’s hold. It is both a wide sweep and deep dive of the subject matter (single parenthood), while ‘keeping it real’ to ensure the content is not reduced to meaningless theoretical jargon.

As you journey through the process of this treatise, may you be lifted above the voices of condemnation, be loosed from the ties of the past, and be thrust into the glorious liberty reserved for you in Christ Jesus. May you be infused with new life and enabled to journey towards the realization of your glorious God-ordained destiny.

It does not matter what caused your single parenthood – sexual sin, death of a spouse, separation/divorce, rape ordeal or even your own choice – tragedies and traumas (of single parenthood) present the enemy with the perfect tools for entrapment, having as it were many of his victims in an Alcatraz of sorrow.

In this book, Muthoni Omukhango offers the much-needed interruption by candidly considering the plight of single parenthood, while masterfully weaving personal experience with research and the encounters of others, in order to shine a light of hope. It brings with it a beautiful blend of spiritual and psychosocial counsel, formidable keys in breaking free from the enemy’s hold. It is both a wide sweep and deep dive of the subject matter (single parenthood), while ‘keeping it real’ to ensure the content is not reduced to meaningless theoretical jargon.

A Girl’s Fathers: Biological, Spiritual, Professional, Marital & Ultimate

In a girl’s life, there are many fathers who shape her journey. From the biological bond that forms the foundation of her existence to the spiritual guidance that illuminates her path, from the professional mentors who inspire her ambitions to the marital figures who shape her understanding of love, and ultimately, to the essence within herself that defines her truest identity.

Based on Dr. Muthoni Omukhango’s journey, this book is about all these different father figures and how they shape a girl, helping her grow, be strong, and discover who she truly is.

Series: Stories Retold

Stories and prables in the Bible retold for the 21st century. 

Series: Life Lessons from Missionaries

Learning servant-leadership from those who went ahead of us!

Series: Mungai-Environment Conservation

Because God created man to take care of the creation…

Series: Character Development

Training up children in the way they should go…

Series: Guided Writing Mentorship

Empowering children and teenagers to impact their generation with Christian literature

Series: Single Stories

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