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Episode 1: Parenting Teenagers

Coaching Your Teenager

Identify and develop the potential in your teenage son or daughter by guiding their strengths and development opportunities. This will help to motivate and empower your child to excel, commit to growth and walk in their God-given purpose.

Episode 2: Parenting Teenagers

How to Nurture Your Teenager's Talents

What did Albert Einsteen’s mother do? Pauline Einstein was a very well educated and quiet woman who had an inclination towards the arts. When her duties in the household allowed it she was an assiduous and good piano player. She made her son Albert begin with violin lessons at the age of five. Her patience was characteristically for Albert. We are all equipped and graced to nurture our children’s talents in both good and tough times. Join me to learn how…

Episode 3: Parenting Teenagers

How to Help Your Child Set Goals

One of the benefits of helping your child in setting long-term goals is that it will help them learn to set appropriate benchmarks. Each year will bring a new sub-goal along the path to ‘becoming’.

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Parenting Teenagers

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