Too Busy for Worship

Recovering and Restoring the Heart of Worship in our Daily Work

About the Program

Confessions of a recovering workaholic

I must confess that I am a recovering workaholic. While in the previous seasons of my life, this trait seemed so endearing and many praised me for how much I worked so hard. And I soaked in that glory, what I deceitfully scripturized as burning the midnight oil (shaking my head now) as drawn from the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13.
As I grow deeper in my walk with God while maturing in biological age, I have come to appreciate the difference between diligently going about my Father’s business and being too busy to be effective.
Are you working or just going through the curse of toiling? Join me, a recovering workaholic as we chart the way to recovery…

Your Host

Join me, Muthoni Omukhango in this journey of recovery

12-Session Program

For marketplace ministers

Session 1:

The value of work versus the curse of toiling

Session 2:

Have you turned your God-given assignment into a high place of idol worship? Extra Book: Dragged Away by Patrick & Dr. Muthoni Omukhango - Practical ways to evaluate busyness and formulate a strategy to overcome

Session 3:

We were created to work without toiling. Extra Book: Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn - Learn to recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit

Session 4:

You were not created to work alone - allow others. Extra Book: Accountability, a Biblical Principle by Nelly Kagoru - how to find an accountability partner

Session 5:

Defining the Sabbath rest. Extra Book: A Carefree Life! By Dr. Muthoni Omukhango - how to let Jesus direct your day-to-day life

Session 6:

Understanding labour/work as worship.

Session 7:

Ekklesia by Ed Silvoso - Rediscovering God’s instrument for global transformation.

Session 8:

Jesus' model - Learn from the most effective person to ever live on earth.

Session 9:

Jesus walked, He did not run - why are you?

Sesion 10:

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren - What on earth are you here for?

Session 11:

A Quiet Center by Susan Sutton - How to live in God’s place of rest.

Session 12:

Conclusion - Here I am Lord, use me.

Program Description

Restoring the Heart of Worship in Our Daily Work Program is for believers desiring to make an impact in the marketplace and live out their faith in their professional lives, the 12-Session Program, Restoring the Heart of Worship in Our Daily Work, offers valuable guidance and practical tools. This program helps believers integrate their spiritual beliefs into their work, allowing them to bring worship of God into every business interaction. By participating in this program, believers can learn how to align worship with their daily tasks, ultimately living a life of restored work as God intended and not toiling. This will then transform the marketplace into a place of worship.

Individuals can choose to participate in the program through offline and online modules, providing flexibility for those with stretched schedules. The program can also be taken in group sessions for weekly devotions in Kingdom businesses. This comprehensive approach ensures that believers from all walks of life can benefit from the program's teachings and apply them to their specific work environments.

Featured Books

The curriculum covers various topics such as the value of work versus the curse of toiling, idol worship at the marketplace, understanding God's original intent for work, defining the Sabbath rest, and understanding labor/work as worship. It incorporates additional books including: Dragged Away, Good Morning Holy Spirit, Accountability, A Carefree Life!, Ekklesia, Purpose Driven Life, and A Quiet Centre.

The curriculum also includes practicals, with all sessions having outward and inward actionable steps to enhance the rest, including hydrating, diet, sleep, friendship with the Holy Spirit, working with others etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

12-session that can be tackled in 12 weeks, 6 months or 12 months. 

Yes. The program is recommended for workplace devotions though you can take it alone.

Yes. 8 books + 1 Journal + Accessories

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