Making Marriage Work

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Been in love (alone) is not enough to keep the marriage going, a fact that catches several couples unawares. Before Patrick & I got married, we had seen each other live our single lives for over three years. We usually focus on the strengths of others when we are in-love and subconsciously ignore the weaknesses.

Episode 1: Making Marriage Work

He/she Won’t Change After the Wedding – The Date is July 2012 (First Year in Marriage)

We all deserve someone who can correct us, speaking the truth in love in all things – both our speech and our lives expressing His truth – so we can grow up in all things into Him, following His example who is the Head – Christ. This truth-in-love, if done from a good intention, glues a marriage and enhances friendship between a couple. We could all benefit from our spouse being our Best Friend Forever

Episode 2: Making Marriage Work

Confession – The Date is September 2013 (Second Year in Marriage)

“Please” and “thank you” are one of the simplest ways to communicate to others that you appreciate them and it can encourage them to even go the extra mile. 

Episode 3: Making Marriage Work

Please. Thank you – The Date is January 2014 (Third Year in Marriage)

When your spouse comes homes with a revelation from God like Noah did in building the ark or Moses in going back to Egypt, how do you support their seemingly ‘crazy’ idea from God?

Episode 4: Making Marriage Work

Money or financial management is the second highest cause of divorce in marriage – coming second to infidelity.

How can you and your spouse maneuver through it to enjoy a peaceful marriage and enjoyable friendship through the high and low moments of life?

Episode 5: Making Marriage Work

Order is the arrangement or disposition of people in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method. God has an order for marriage – after God, it has to be the spouses and everything else after…

Episode 6: Making Marriage Work

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