Pause: How Are You Doing?

We are at the middle of Too Busy for Worship journey. Today I would like to take a moment for us to review how we are doing.

I started writing the content for this program a few years back. God told me, “Let me teach you how to work without toiling.” It was difficult for me to differentiate between the two because I was brought up in a business family. My dad had a number of shops and farming activities. Most of my childhood was spent in hard work managing and running the family business as early as age seven.

My teenagehood was split between schooling (which I loved and did well in), running the businesses and actively serving in my local church in different capacities. I grew up wondering if my dad hated me for I did not have a life outside the three activities mentioned earlier on. When I left home for the university, and becoming a mother at an early age, that’s when I knew how much my dad loved me. I appreciated what a good parent he was and the empowerment I received from him (and my mom) to be a functional young adult then. This, I have tried to apply towards parenting my children so I don’t drop the ball of great parenting and the benefits I received from my dad. I have dwelt deeper on this in my upcoming book, “A Girl’s Fathers – Biological, Spiritual, Professional, Marriage & Ultimate”.

While the hard work training has benefitted me a great deal in this life, it also had it’s negative impact. As a default setting, I don’t differentiate between hard work and toiling. It is what the Lord set out to define in my life. From the lessons I have received, yet still a recovering workaholic, I am appreciating the journey so far.

I have made several significant changes in my life. Taking rest time seriously. I no longer work over the weekends when I am supposed to be with family. It’s a big deal as I used to do significant business on Saturdays and even on Sundays running book tables in different churches. I don’t do that anymore…

I have made peace with FOMO (fear of missing out), trusting God for His provision and sustenance the best way He desires. I spend more time listening to hear what He needs me to do, where He wants me to do it and with whom I should engage.

I am also disconnected from my phone. This would probably be my most celebrated milestone. In the past, my phone and I were one – responding to every enquiry and ensuring I am on top of my game with everything. This caused me to work whole day and most part of the night. I no longer do that – I work during the day and sleep during the night.

I was also keen on perfectionism in everything I did. In my learning from God, I have come to differentiate between perfectionism (which is an enemy to progress) and excellence (which is a trait of God). We are called to be excellent as God is. Because of the fall of man, perfection is something we will attain with resurrection in the second coming of Jesus. We are continually working towards it… I have hence stopped pursuing what is unattainable in this life.

Finally, I have learnt how to allow others to do their part. In my persuit for perfectionism, I would rather do things myself instead of allowing others to bring their lower standards into my assignment. Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte said, “If you want something done (well), do it yourself”. Well, in my learning from the story of Elijah, there is what Elisha, Jehu and Hazael are to do in my stead.

These are some of the changes in my life towards restoring the heart of worship in my daily work. I am meant to worship God in all I do – work included and not just in a Sunday service.

What’s your recovery journey? What changes are you making? Leave me your feedback below.

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