How To Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can rear its ugly head in many ways. For some, being blocked means no words at all, while for others, it means trying to nail down a functional draft in the midst of a tornado of swirling ideas. When you realize that most of the time, writer’s block is a symptom of a paralyzing fear of others’ opinions, you will give yourself a chance to beat it. 

  1. One of the ways to beat writer’s block is by looking at your outline again to get fresh inspiration. Looking at the bigger picture helps you see things in perspective and keep going. 

2. You can also try a new writing spot to boost fresh creativity. I sometimes leave my office and go to a coffee shop, the library or any other place to give myself a break from the norm. More often than not, I always end up with fresh energy to do whatever I needed to do.

3. Some people even shift from laptop to pen and paper – just do whatever it takes to bring back the creative juices. 

4. I also sometimes (maybe many times) do the first draft of an article or chapter, take a break to do other things then come back to read my work. I always find myself flowing better with more details to add.

5. I also talk to my husband about my article and just have a conversation around the topic. I take his input and go back to my typing. If you have a case of perfectionist syndrome like I used to have (I am work in progress), tell yourself it’s okay to write something you’ll later think is terrible. Making something good is what second drafts and the editing process is for.

Always remember that done is better than perfect-but-not-done. 

6. You should stop comparing your writing with other people’s writing. Remember that there is nothing new under the sun, but there is no other being as unique as you. So be confident in your uniqueness of character, style and perspective.

7. Always walk with a notebook, notepad or an online platform where you can access easily when inspiration strikes. You might not remember a critical piece of information half an hour after it strikes. You need to put it down the same moment you receive it.

8. Finally, remind yourself that your writing is a calling, and the Holy Spirit is the one that inspires you. You should always go back to Him to get more inspiration. And if for some reason the block is because you are pushing in a direction He has not instructed, be submitted to Him.

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