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Join us as we explore players in the book industry in East Africa

Our book tour is a series of visits to bookstores that CLC Kenya and its subsidiaries (CLC Kenya Authors Collaboration and African Christian Authors Book Award ACABA) make towards creating awareness and promoting a reading culture in East Africa.

Objectives of the book tour?

  1. Highlight bookselling and bookshops in East Africa
  2. Create awareness and promotion of bookshops in East Africa
  3. Create awareness and promotion of books by African Christian Authors
  4. Make a contribution towards building and encouraging a reading culture in East Africa.

African Book Hub - Kiambu Road. Nairobi. Kenya

The Writers Guild-Kenya. Hazina Plaza, Nairobi. Kenya

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About Me

About Me

Those close to me know that my passion burns the core of who and what I am. This passion was in Finance, Accounting and Business Consultancy for many years (and it was great while it lasted). However, books are my first love career-wise.

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