The Journey To Achieving The Vision – Biblical Inspiration for Authors (Apostle Dr. Joe Kamau, PhD)

Theme: The Church & Great Commission Blueprint

Topic: The journey to achieving the vision

Purpose statement: To share the most important signposts or outline of the journey to encourage and challenge ourselves. It is important by way of learning and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ to demonstrate the grace of God and how the Lord has led me.
Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20, Ephesians 4:7-16

Illustration: Psalms 37:4 says God will give you the desires of your heart. 22 years ago, having been involved in the leadership of one of the largest Pentecostal churches, what for me began as a strong desire to know how best the church should be led has led to God doing exceedingly abundantly beyond what I even asked for or thought. I started writing one page Gospel tracts which became the first book!

The first brochure provides the outline of the steps or important signposts. The second details the most important scriptures describing the Great Commission as well as my apostolic mandate. It all began with the employing and pursuing the right aptitudes (and attitudes)which for ease of memory I describe as the 5Ds, Desire being the first attitude, then decisiveness, discernment, discipline and diligence without which I would not have achieved as much. Failure or lack of one of these accounts to the failure we have in the church today, For example 2 Timothy challenges believers to be diligent in study. Diligence also means finding out what and where you should study. I had to change my master’s degree program from one Christian university to another. Diligence is the difference between success and failure.

The second brochure at the bottom summarizes my three mandates, discipleship, altars and nations.

Diligence in writing my master’s thesis led me to Ephesians 4. The point here is that different Gospel and epistles writers provided different perspectives as to what the building of the church and the fulfilling of the Great Commission entails. Ephesians 4 and Matthew 28:18-20 are the most comprehensive.

From this scripture among others that we see that it calls for, according to Scripture, to apostolic and prophetic leadership which seems to be largely lacking today. I had to diligently and deliberately pursue this direction away from my Pentecostal experience. Many people get held back by denominational traditions.

Next point is spiritual strategy. In spiritual matters, spiritual strategy is key. At the very beginning God helped me, as everyone should, cast the vision of modeling excellence and perfection in Christianity. According to my desire. Vision must be communicated effectively. Hence, the writing of the five book series and establishing of Disciples University thereon.

The spiritual strategy leads to spiritual dynamics, which in turn leads to spiritual growth, which in turn leads to ministry qualifications, character, charisma and competence from diligent study and prayer. This explains the reason the church is the way it is and why the Great Commission is unfulfilled.

Ephesians 4:7-16 renders itself to three study areas, church leadership, teachings, perfection or equipment, the five books and Christian living. The three designer PhDs I have or I am pursuing in this regard are Perfect Truth, Perfect Leadership and Perfect Life. I am doing the second.

I now wish to conclude as follows. You can now see the grace of God in the journey and how my aptitude’s, the 5Ds as well as my attitudes such as humility have helped me on the journey and so the Lord in His grace and your aptitude’s and attitudes can help you in your Christian life and ministry such as the writing of books. The five books are available at CLC bookshop. I recommend The Truth about God & the end of the World, Perfect Love & Perfect Truth at affordable prices. You will need to read others later.

Thank you and God bless you.

Thank You Apostle for sharing your heart with us this morning. We appreciate seasoned servants of God like you who have perspectives we might not have as we go along. God bless You.

Thank you very much Apostle Dr Joe Kamau for great teachings, profound insights. Desire is there, but diligence is not. God have mercy.

Yes. Thanks. Diligence & discipline. Imagine I am doing my second & third PhDs past 70!

Having been in private sector first 24 years, then church & study. Now preparing for next career which requires 2 PhDs to do a perfect job. I will soon share my next career. What is your excuse? In 1990 I was challenged by a clergy in wales who at 76 was preaching from church to church 6am to 6pm because of lack of enough clergy

Did you notice I am marketing the five books and the two coming as the best books ever written besides Scripture. You do not have to be mzungu to excel. Just be you, be disciplined & diligent & trust God.

Thank you Apostle Dr. Joe for today’s word. And thank you for challenging us.

Q. At what point did you know that this is what you want to do for life?

Good question Joice. At 45 the MD asked me how long I would be with them. I gave him 4 years. I gave 1yr notice of retirement at 48. Initially 1 thought I would do 50:50 business & church ministry. After attending an international evangelism conference in SA in 1997, I decided to go fulltime. Joined bible school on retirement at 49. You have to retire early if you want to make impact, study etc. You must plan your retirement early, kids education etc. You must be ready to adjust. Discuss well with spouse & kids. Avoid dangers of mismanaging time & retirement benefits. Some lose everything 1st yr.

Well said Apostle and I agree with you. This is the second half of your life. I also resigned from Church and begun our marriage ministry at 45. If you don’t start your next career in your forties and just wait to retire you will be miserable.

In your three mandates, the second one talks about disarming false teachings, demonic and cultic reforms. How have you gone about this seeing that many of our Churches, especially the Pentecostal Churches are very cultic in nature and propagate false teachings.

What’s the role of the Prophetic ministry in the New Testament Church Apostle? Most people use the old Testament Prophets as a model yet in the Old Testament the word of God was not there. Thus the Prophet was the voice of God. Now that we have the Word of God, what is the role of the Prophet?

Thanks Barnabas. I did not want to go into details because of limited time and space but I am fully aware and I am dealing with the three levels of religious phenomena, altars referring to false religion, cults of christianity and the church proper, catholic, ecumenical, evangelical, holiness, Pentecostal, charismatic & apostolic/prophetic. In my second book, Perfect Faith, I have a whole chapter on reformation perspectives over last 500 years which in the first brochure I describe a s one of the spiritual power dynamics. Late Dr. Wagner refers to denominational tradition as device satan uses. Jesus and the apostles faced that problem in Judaism which sat aside God’s word. Mark 7:6-13. I have tackled the entire subject again in my book Perfect Truth.

Thanks my book Perfect Truth at PhD level helps the church understand where the Holy Spirit wants the church to be at the tail end of the 500 years of restoring the church to New Testament spiritual & biblical truth. My mandate in discipleship is basically to raise apostles & prophets globally. We will need time to discuss this. Please get the two books from CLC.

I love the in-depth with which you walk into your area of authority. This a great lesson to me as an author. Thoroughness is key. I surely will as this is also an area of interest to me. Will also look for you so we can have more discussions over a cup of tea. Thanks for the powerful insights.

Thanks. As stated, I plan the five books to teach certificate to PhD in Kenya & globally & cascade them to pre-primary, primary & secondary in 3 years time. www.endtimedisciples is duly accredited in USA & recognized by CUE, Commission of University Education.

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