Another Fabulous Year


The theme in this book is celebrating the individual who has a dream, a big decision to make, a target to meet, a team to lead and mentor, a calling, an addiction to beat amongst other life obstacles, a talent or gift which they wish to start using, a fresh graduate, an individual who would like to change somethings around…etc. The principles push individuals to identify the next levels that they can grow to even worldwide. It is a book that doesn’t give up on your human potential. It is a book on visionary leadership; you catch the vision and run with all your strength.

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Joyce confesses that in her life’s escapades she has met many people with a dream but are living discouraged, holding back their earthly relevance. Joyce too has been down that path of negativity. In those moments she noticed that there’s a missing counsel and coach telling that; mother, that dad, that boss, that depressed individual, the new graduate, that worker, that exam candidate – ‘WORK ON IT, THIS IS HOW YOU WIN! Readers quickly realize how the goal you set for yourself today is a step or a misstep into your next level.

If you will give these principles your worthy attention, you shall have supplied additional best practices into another fabulous year of your life.

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Those close to me know that my passion burns the core of who and what I am. This passion was in Finance, Accounting and Business Consultancy for many years (and it was great while it lasted). However, books are my first love career-wise.

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