The Gift of Presence


The Gift of Presence highlights the importance of both God’s presence and fellow men’s presence in your life. You’ll get to learn about the different types of man’s presence such as value presence and honorary presence among others. It’s packed with thought provoking insights on the presence of God.

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Have you ever asked yourself why God’s presence is something we desire at one time and loathe at another?
What is it about God’s presence that makes it so invaluable? Is it because as the Psalmist put it, that in His presence there is fulness of joy? Can man’s presence be desirable as well? What makes an individual’s presence a gift or otherwise?

Ever heard of the three manifestations of God’s presence? Or have you ever wondered why God hides from us? Have you ever heard of the different types of man’s presence spanning from value presence, necessary presence, honorary presence to the presence of companions?

If not, then this book is for you as it attempts to answer some of these questions and more, regarding both man’s presence and God’s presence. Indeed, God’s presence and man’s presence can be an invaluable gift in your life.

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