Step Three: Implementation

In our journey back on our feet, it will feel like we are facing a powerful enemy. I have experienced an intense struggle as if another team is trying to push me back and break me down over and over again. The secret is in standing firm and holding your ground. Whichever direction we choose to take, this book will help us take God’s best option for us, try not to fall back and slide in the mud of life.  

My recovery journey was not a matter of my standing firm on my own. We are part of a community – the household of faith. In Philippians 1:27, Paul uses the image of the phalanx with which Philip II of Macedonia once conquered the city of Philippi.  In the same manner, shoulder to shoulder, we can all overcome our challenges, stand firm and hold our ground. 

From experience, I believe emotional stability is the core of getting back on our feet. This is not just for single parents, but for any person. We can start there, and progress on to other areas of life. 

Let’s dive right into it!