How Can We Take Care of Ourselves? Know That You Are Not Alone

Everyone in this life goes through disappointments, loss and change. It may not be single parenthood related, but life has generous opportunities to get us into emotional instability. While these are normal parts of life, they can still cause sadness , anxiety and stress.

Many men and women in the Bible faced emotional challenges (we aren’t the only ones!), and we can draw strengths from their examples. One of my best examples is king David. He went through an emotional rollercoaster, in my eyes, probably the one person with life’s most highs and lows. You can clearly see this throughout the psalms he wrote.

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  • In knowing your identity. Whether you have plenty or less your identity as God’s creation isn’t affected. By remaining true to what God says you are then you can stand n defend the good that you believe in and that you do. eg children are a blessing. the bible never said children of single parents aren’t a blessing. So we continue to give them our best the way God requires of every parent. Fortify your character with God’s Word.

  • One of the many ways is by having an attitude of gratitude, a lot of times we see the half empty glass forgetting there are many wishing they had your half full glass. It helps us to see how blessed we are just where we are .

  • By letting go of the bitterness and focusing only on the positive things and also not forgetting to engage God in our day to day life.

  • I find David a man that trusted God unquestionably. Weather in the valley or on mountain top David trusted in the goodness of the lord. I find this kind of faith a source of emotional stability. No wonder he says the lord is his rock.

    Receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life so you have supernatural power to get you through this life. I believe this faith and foundation in God is the anchor for everything emotional stability. All the other strategies and tools discussed in this program will work perfectly if our relationship with God is well grounded.

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