Authors, Books & Coffee Issue 1-2021

What Book is in Your Hand?

Picture the scene… Maybe a cold rainy day. Maybe a perfectly sunny day. Maybe just a normal day. I will go with a cold rainy day for today. I will pick a warm fleece blanket, my favourite white one. In my hands, I have a book I have desired to read for a long time, Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso  Well, it’s a book I am well familiar with at our bookshop. We started ministering with the book around 2009, I had just joined CLC Kenya. 

While it’s a fact that there are so many books and so little time to read them, the guide this book offers me on how to use my influence in the marketplace to change the world is worth my time. Did you know it is estimated that around 130 million books have been published in the history of humanity with over 2.2million published every year according to UNESCO

I am a big lover of books, especially faith based books and historical books as well. They have been an important part of my life – as a good companion that simplifies my life. They allow me to internalize, respond, react, transform and travel without using my feet.

Well, I am ready to have this meeting with Ed Silvoso for the next few hours. What’s missing? I, the reader, am there. The author is there. The book is in my hands. Mmmh! A warm or hot cup of coffee. If you are like me, let’s skip the coffee and grab hot chocolate, a cup of tea, a glass of juice or a bottle of water. Whatever makes the reading exciting! 

What book is in your hand in this scene? Comment below with the full book title, the author and a sentence or two about the book. You could win a gift voucher! 


Book Category of the Week

Books of the Week

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Kenya - Marriage, Thistles & Flowers

By Barnie & Grace Achoki

Barnabas and Grace have been married for the last twenty-three years and have three children, two boys, Ebenezer 21 and Uzziel 18, and a girl, Shekinah 13.

In 2011, Barnabas and Grace resigned from their Pastoral responsibilities to set up their Coaching business, Two Ships Solutions, where they do Marriage and Relationship Coaching. Their mission is to bring healing and restoration to individuals and their relationships through Coaching and speaking engagements.


Their book, Marriage, Thistles & Flowers offers insights into questions modern couples struggle with in marriage.

Argentina - Anointed for Business

By Ed Silvoso

Ed Silvoso is a 75 year old Argentinian evangelist, author, and documentarian. He founded Harvest Evangelism and the Transform Our World Network, the objective of which is to end worldwide systemic poverty in its four expressions.

His book, Anointed for Business, teaches that every business Is God’s business. The notion that labour for profit and worship of God are now, and always have been, worlds apart, is patently false.

The Early Church founders were mostly community leaders and highly successful business people. The writing of the Gospels was entrusted to Luke, a medical doctor? Matthew, a retired tax collector? Mark, the manager of a family trust? And John, a food supplier? Lydia was a dealer in purple cloth. Dorcas was a clothes designer.

Today, more than ever, the heart of our cities is the marketplace. Yet the perceived wall between commercial pursuit and service to God continues to knock down that wall and build the foundation for an unparalleled marketplace revival. Only then can we extend God’s Kingdom to every corner of our world.

Publishing and Print-on-Demand

Are you in need of replenishing your books


What is Print-On-Demand (POD)? POD is a miniaturized bookmaking system consisting of a computer system, cover printers, text printers, laminating machines, perfect binders, scoring boards and cutters.

The system is ideally a compressed printing press but with advantages of mobility, low cost, quick production time and the ability to print as many (or few) copies as you need.

Our Journey with POD Authors

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2015, April

Our POD facility was set up in Kenya with the help of CLC USA. We served a total of 33 authors and publishers with 144 titles.

2015, August

We served our first Kenyan authors.

What option is better for your book project: Print-On-Demand or Offset Printing? Find out below...

Book News From Around the World

Book News From Around The World

Organizations partner to commemorate John Stott’s one hundredth birthday and ongoing legacy


Source: Rush to Press by ECPA. 

Known worldwide as a preacher, evangelist, and communicator of Scripture, the late John R. W. Stott was once named among Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.” His books have sold millions of copies and have inspired and transformed millions throughout the world. In commemoration of Stott’s one hundredth birthday in April 2021, InterVarsity Press (USA), IVP (UK), Eerdmans Publishing, Langham Partnership, and Faithlife are partnering to honour his ongoing legacy.

Together these organizations will be releasing commemorative editions of Stott’s books, highlighting articles and sermons and sharing tributes and reviews from thought leaders. These celebrations of his work will be highlighted at the forthcoming John Stott 100 website.

Basic Christianity by John Stott

John R. W. Stott defends the fundamental claims of Christianity and defines the proper outworkings of these beliefs in the lives of believers. Here is a sound guide for those seeking an intellectually satisfying presentation of the Christian faith.

Upcoming Events

Publishing is the activity of making information, literature, music, software and other content available to the public for sale or for free. Traditionally, the term refers to the distribution of printed works, such as books, newspapers, and magazines.

Explore pros and cons of self-publishing here. 

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