Poem: Fear Less (Joyce Wakini)

Poem: Fear Less

Composer: Joyce Wakini

Fearful is when I lose to fear
Fearless is when I lose my fear
After I lost fear; I was found

Fearful is when am afraid to lose what I feared the most
Fearless is when I lose what I feared the most
After I lost them; I was found fearless

In the past, I feared for the future
In the present I am afraid of the future
After the future arrived; alas! I found out there was nothing to be afraid off!

Fear of loss was a tighthold on life, material and approval
Loss of fear of loss sprung their foot steps into a fierce bounce
After they lost the battle: they found there was no fear left to be lost

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
The fear of man is the beginning of bondage
After I lost man; I found God

After i lost fear; I was painted in wisdom
After I lost fear; I was filled with speed
After I lost fear; faith was next in line

Fear was a bad companion who made me fear,
Fear was a shameful friend who made me hide
The more I stayed in fear, the more it devoured me fearlessly.
After I lost fear; faith stayed with me, forever.

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