Jesus Killed My Business By Dr. Muthoni Omukhango



“Jesus Killed My Business” chronicles Dr. Muthoni Omukhango’s remarkable journey of faith and obedience to God’s calling. Initially entrenched in a successful business consultancy, Dr. Omukhango experiences a divine intervention urging her to leave it all behind and join her husband in ministry. Despite initial resistance, she courageously shuts down her business at a pivotal moment, aligning her life with a prophetic revelation from her childhood. Throughout her journey, she encounters numerous challenges, but unwavering faith and divine assistance enable her to overcome each obstacle. This compelling story serves as a powerful testimony of the power of faith and obedience. It encourages readers to embrace divine guidance, trust in God’s plan for their lives, and step boldly into their own divine purpose. With its inspirational message and relatable storytelling, “Jesus Killed My Business” will impact and inspire you to seek meaning and direction in your own life.


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