The Power of Solitude – A Silver Lining During a Pandemic


Through this book, Dr. Pamela has explored the discipline of solitude and the power there in. We are born and bled in a society that views solitude negatively and as a result we fill our lives with people and time leaving no space for alone-time.

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Many of us cannot spend as little as thirty minutes alone because it is scaring. After you go through this book, your eyes will be opened to the great
benefits of solitude. This book was conceived and written over the Covid19 lockdown season.

You will learn;
 How to tap your strength in quietness.
 Biblical examples of solitude you can model;
 Psychological and spiritual benefits of solitude;
 How to schedule solitude in your life in the amidst of a busy schedule.
 Solitude in navigating uncertain times.


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