Midwifery Series: Transform Your Life by Judy Owiti

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I saw Pearl Radio Ke’s co-founder George Kagoru was awarded Media Champion at the KCPF’s Utumishi Bora awards. I congratulate him, Pearl Radio and LULU FM RADIO at the coast for taking on the Media Mountain – it’s a tough mountain to level.

I take note that it is a very small world we live in – global village with access to internet and technology. Now, I know George because his wife, Nelly Kagoru Nelly Kagoru is an author CLC Kenya published in 2018 and won the ACABA award in 2021 – she has slowly become part of our CLC family over the last 6 years. We have done missions together, cried together and laughed together as we reflect on the highs and lows of running a Kingdom business. I also know Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) from my husband Patrick Omukhango’s campus room mate Vincent K Kimosop. KCPF’s passion for the market place is commendable and their consistency over the years inspires me to keep going and see where the Lord leads my own calling.

I am digressing. This post was about my experience at Utumishi Bora awards last year. Seeing George’s award today reminded me that Jackline Ingasian nominated me for the same award last year. I got 2nd runners up – so I did not win like George did (bummed ).

But… two things make my nomination for Utumishi Bora such a memorable experience:

1. I lost to Bishop Titus Masika – the founder and director of Christian Impact Mission, a development agency that has continuously sought to develop models and training tools for community transformation. I can add, father to Gospel artist Mercy Masika and Patrick’s friends from campus and great ministers of the Gospel, Jimmy Gor and Edith Gor. Now that’s something right? By the way, this is not a serious post so don’t be uptight and all… Just smile and have fun with me.

2. After the awarding was done, I think like 11pm as I got home at midnight, one of the jurors who had reviewed my nomination came up to me and said she was so blessed to read about all the work we are doing at CLC Kenya. She, juror Judy Owiti, had asked God to lead her to someone/someplace where she can get guidance to write and publish her books. We clicked, connected, and the rest is History.

Today, exactly one year later, the team at CLC Kenya are launching Judy Owiti’s devotional – Transfrom Your Life – A 90-Days Adventure. https://africanauthors.net/book-launch-transform-your-life-by-judy-owiti/

See! I did not lose. I was at Utumishi Bora awards gala for this book. It is the first of Judy’s books as I am persuaded she will end up with more than 10 books. I was at Utumishi Bora awards gala to mid wife the birth of a woman’s writing ministry. Help me celebrate Judy Owiti’s new book. Purchase. Read. Share.

Why are you where you are today? What does the Lord want to achieve through you today? Beyond the physical happenings, there has to be another layer of God’s plan for you to touch the life of another person. May your eyes be opened to see it!

If you have read up to this point, well done. You can leave a message for Judy in the comments below. A new mother needs all the support she can get from the community around her.


Yours Truly,

Muthoni Omukhango

Midwifery Series: Transform Your Life by Judy Owiti

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