What Happens When You Fall While Leading Others? (Hannah Wamboi)

The Lord my keeper

What happens when you fall flat on your face while carrying God’s promises and purpose in both your hands? While you were leading others to God’s house? That’s the story that I am healing from- the church girl who got pregnant out of wedlock. When you fall while serving in the ministry, the deep spiritual and physical wounds are unfathomable. Why? The Lord has been teaching me through this journey that He is my keeper. Psalms (121:3)

“He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber”

Psalms 12:3

That verse seemed a lie at that time, I fell and I deserved for God to be asleep when I called out to Him in distress. I thought He would be unaware of my needs from there because I failed Him and therefore, I’m on my own. However, He has taught me this verse anew. Where does my help come from? It comes from Him, He who never sleeps and slumbers. He will keep my foot from stumbling again- He will restore me, His promises on me never changed, He will give me beauty for ashes.

I was so unsure of myself. How would I be able to go back to celibacy? How would I ever trust anyone again? I recognize that it is not me who keeps myself, but it is the Lord who does. He is the one who keeps my foot from slipping. He knows how to keep me from stumbling and therefore, I should lean on Him for His protection. He is the one that protects me from evil. And God is a gentleman whose protection never fails.

The Word of God says,

“whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved”

Romans 10:13

It doesn’t say the perfect ones who call upon Him, but it says whoever calls upon His name. So I am whoever, that when I call upon Him, He will save me from distress. Therefore, for those in self-condemnation, permit yourself to cry out to Him for all your needs. His grace is sufficient, He is a God of restoration, He already overcame on our behalf, therefore, that problem that came to break you came too late. It came after the cross and therefore, its proposition and argument were dead on arrival. You are an overcomer.

I would have preferred to remain a silent follower and be silently encouraged by many phenomenal encouraging stories on this platform, but I believe that sharing this too has a purpose, and this is a safe space.

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