How to Write a Book Introduction

Books often start with an introduction before getting into the detailed chapters of the book. This introductory chapter is usually between one to three pages long, and is meant to provide information on what the book is going to be about. It gives background information, talks about why the book is important and gives an overview of the contents.

1. Use your book outline to develop your book introduction. Think about your main ideas as you are writing notes for your introduction. You can develop these main ideas from your outline points.
2. Hook the reader right from the beginning. It’s important to pull your readers in from the very first paragraph. Most of the successful writers have used a personal story from their lives, a funny story, a joke, or just an interesting fact that causes the reader to want to continue reading.
3. After the hooking paragraph, give the reader the general message of your book while highlighting the main purpose why you wrote the book. You want the reader to be convinced on why he/she needs to read your book.
4. At this point, you need to discuss (in a paragraph or two) who the book is intended for. Ensure you profile your desired reader and touch on his/her pain points. People will connect with you when they feel you can solve their problems or answer their questions.
5. In your concluding paragraph, lead the reader towards your first chapter. You want the transition to be seamless and not feel like there is a big jump from introduction to chapter one.
6. Remember to utilize the divine resource that is the Holy Spirit. He knows what He wants to communicate to His people through you. You should not do the book alone: pray, ask, meditate, listen and start typing…

Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. —Kofi Annan”

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