Why a Group Writing Mentorship Class?

Writing your book is a critical step towards getting published. Writing is the best way to share an idea or story that matters to you, while at the same time impacting the life of someone else. A simple book that you actually get to write is better than an awesome one that you dream of writing and is still in your head. Most people have a dream of writing a book but never realize it. This is why we are here today, now! To make sure that the book makes it out of your head into your word processor.

In this process, you should expect to get an accountability mentor towards completing your book. As much as no one likes criticism, if you’re aiming at being an outstanding writer and eventually a bestseller, positive criticism is an absolute necessity.
Regardless of your reason for writing, at some point, you will also need affirmation of some sort. When writers receive less than admirable praise, they can dwell on the critique rather than a glowing 5-star review. The reason a writing mentor is vital towards your growth is that we provide critical feedback specifically towards the writing craft. By shredding your work now, we will help you develop the thick skin needed when you release your work for your readers’ consumption.
HOW will writing mentorship benefit you?
1. Inspiration and Motivation
Although writing is often a solitary act, the creative energy to write cannot thrive in a vacuum. Input from someone outside of your writing process can breathe the needed life into your work and spark new ideas.
2. Honest feedback
Every writer, no matter how experienced, needs a reader to show them when something isn’t working. Every now and then in the writing journey, you will need someone to point out the gaps in your story or concept or even someone to gently remind you, “You’ve done that before. You should try something else.”
3. Professional development
Writing is as much a business as it is a creative endeavor, so it’s important to stay aware of new developments in the field. As your mentors, we will share information or point you in the right direction so you can do your own research. This will ensure that you remain relevant to the changing trends in the writing and distribution of your content. 
4. Accountability
It’s easy to fool yourself out of writing or give up all together especially when you hit a dry spell – and believe me, you will hit one too many of those moments. As your mentors, we will help you set clear goals and then check to make sure you’re meeting them.
5. Emotional support
As you continue in your journey of writing, you will face rejection on a regular basis. When no one wants your book, and others are not writing back or you’ve run out of things to write. It’s crucial to have someone you trust telling you, “Yes, it’s hard but you have to keep going anyway.”
WHAT is the STRUCTURE of the class?
1. 13 weeks’ program. 2. One video /online class per fortnight with assignments for each week.
3. Submission of assignments once every week and before the next class with feedback on what to improve on.
4. A group webinar and/or convened class once every month with an opportunity for questions and answers from your mentor(s).
5. Two guest webinar speakers who are established-authors to encourage you on your journey of writing.
6. Graduation on the 14th week – some will have grown as writers and others will be at an advanced stage to present shining and richer manuscripts. 
7. 10% discount for authors self-publishing with CLC Kenya within six-twelve months post-class.
Register now for January 20th 2020 class. WhatsApp 0733817962.

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