Edify Through Your Writing Call – Biblical Inspiration for Authors (Samuel Mwinamo Asena)

1 Corinthians 14:26
What then, brethren, is [the right course]? When you meet together, each one has a hymn, a teaching, a disclosure of special knowledge or information, an utterance in a [strange] tongue, or an interpretation of it. [But] let everything be constructive and edifying and for the good of all.

What is your Why

When you set out to write, it is important that you understand why you do what you do.

Every message you pass across needs to be constructive and edifying . In other words, make sure you are building people up and positioning them on a path that will move them forward.

Before you hit publish on whatever piece of literature you have come up with, ensure that it meets the criteria of building people up. Ask yourself How your words will contribute to a better life for your readers.

There is a lot of emphasis in scripture on being careful with what proceeds out of our lips. You can read James 3:1-12.

Be careful what you write

I want to submit to us that what we write down has an even greater impact because it will be there for posterity. While there is a chance that someone will record your speech for future reference, what is written down has a 100per cent guarantee of being available for future reference.

Be careful therefore with what you write so that it will reflect well on you many centuries later. Be sure to write what you would be proud to read in God’s presence when you stand before Him.

I also want to draw another lesson from my key scripture.

Celebrate Diversity

Our edification takes different formats. The goal therefore should never be to be uniform in our expression. Paul permits and says that it is in order for one to come with a song, a revelation, a psalm and so much more.

As writers we need to celebrate our diversity. The one who shares deep revelation in prose form should not look down on the one who shares his message through a poem.

Audience is diverse

We must understand that our audience is diverse and they respond to different genres differently. While some will be patient to read a whole 400 page book, some will do better with short stories or poems which drive the point home in the simplest way possible.

It’s in the scripture…
We do not need to look beyond the bible to see this diversity. We can clearly see how the Historical books are written in prose form. We get to the Psalms and can’t help but notice the expression of different emotions. The Proverbs show us one-liners that speak profoundly to our realities. Each prophet had their own way of conveying the message depending on their own background and many other influences. In the New Testament we see how the four gospels are captured by the witnesses each having their focus depending on the audience. It is one story told four different ways. Looking at the Pauline epistles and those done by other apostles, you see marked differences but they all constitute the Word of God.

Be comfortable in your own skin

This should encourage you to allow your creative juices to flow even as you write for the kingdom. Your tribe is out there somewhere and they will connect with what you have to say in a way no one else can. Be comfortable with the fact that you are not called to everyone and therefore not everyone will connect with you on the same wavelength.

Learn to also read the audience and adjust yourself accordingly. Ask how Paul was able to speak to so many churches with different cultures, struggles and issues. He adapted to the situations without compromising the truth of the gospel. As a writer it is important that you develop the ability to speak to a diverse audience being sensitive to their unique needs while also remaining true to the message of the gospel. 1 Corinthians 9:19-22.

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