Book Launch – Taking Possession With Jesus by Faith Mathenge

Who is Faith Mathenge?

I am a preacher of the Gospel, a trainer and an author. I love teaching God’s Word, discipling new believers and participating in missions. I am also a blogger of teachings on God’s Word. I have consistently written for the last five years which has reached thousands globally.  My goal in writing is to see the Body of Christ thoroughly equipped for works of service.  

I am also a Finance and Accounting expert and currently a trainer on Customs and Tax matters. I live and work in Mombasa

How did you get to know Christ?

I gave my life to Christ in a service at my local church on a Sunday when my Sunday school teacher was preaching in the main service. God captured my heart at a young age and the Sunday school teacher had done a great job of exposing Jesus to me. That Sunday morning as I walked to the altar to receive Christ, I was basically responding to God’s love for me.

My testimony of Christ? I believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the Way to eternal life and He paid the ultimate price for me to be reconciled to my Father and to be restored in right relationship. Jesus is the Truth that set me free so that I could access the full rights of sonship. Jesus is life in abundance and this I know because I have experienced Him in my life. Dead things come to life in His presence, just like Aaron’s rod budded when it was placed in the Ark of the Covenant.

Who is Faith Mathenge outside work?

Faith loves outdoor activities so she has a bicycle that she rides whenever time allows. She also lives swimming and leisure reading. Faith values family time and she prioritizes time with her parents who are aging gracefully.

For fun, I like cycling, walking, swimming, traveling and reading.

Tell us about your book?

“Taking Possession with Jesus” is based on the Book of Deuteronomy and it is a must read for believers who are wondering whether there is more to Christianity than what they have been experiencing?  If you have felt unfulfilled in your Christian life and your zeal for God is fading away or you are eager to know your calling, this book will be resourceful to you.

The book is about fulfilling your God-given purpose of being fruitful, taking dominion and ruling (Genesis 1:28).  It is about you exercising authority on earth and forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God.  It is about fulfilling the Great Commission.  

The Book is also equipped with a reflection section for bible study. In summary, this book will give you practical insights on:
• how to respond to God’s call upon your life and to partner with Him for His purposes and glory;
• how to live a life of obedience and faith in wicked and tumultuous times;
• how to engage in spiritual warfare and live a victorious Christian life; and
• how to foster unity of spirit and mind in the Body of Christ, and effectively disciple and mentor others.  

From the feedback from the editorial team, you are an excellent writer Faith. Your manuscript was well refined by the time we got it. When did you know you were a writer?

It took me many years to gain confidence that I could actually write. I used to write my lessons on God’s Word and share with my friends. That was about it until 5 years ago when I felt I need a platform to consistently share what I was learning from God’s Word. I gave a shot at blogging and the feedback was amazing.

What motivated you to write your book?

In late October 2019, I began to study the book of Deuteronomy. I study God’s Word systematically, book by book, chapter by chapter. When I finished the book in November, I should have moved on to the book of Joshua but I didn’t. I felt compelled to read through the book of Deuteronomy again. When I was prompted by the Spirit to reread it the third time, I asked God, “what is it about this book?” I received clear guidance that God wanted me to put down the lessons I had learnt in a book.

Did you get any professional help?

I wrote the manuscript without professional help then I submitted it to CLC for editing, design and outlay.

For an aspiring writer, what are the challenges in the writing process?

The publishing and printing part requires finances but God has not ran out of resources, so authors can trust God to provide for the bills. Also, writing requires discipline because many start writing projects but not all finish. I however see the process as a pregnancy process where the anticipated outcome is the birth of a book. This kept me going when the publishing process encountered hitches.

What’s the place of mentorship in the writing process?

Mentorship is very necessary because as iron sharpens iron, so one man’s countenance sharpens another. Having somebody who has gone ahead of you in the writing field to hold your hand and share with you their experience and expertise is a great privilege.

You are a very pleasant person to work with Faith and CLC Kenya Team is so honoured to be a part of this process. And when we got hitches, we all laboured to get to this point. This gives us so much joy and fulfillment. We have now moved from strangers to friends. Karibu to the family.

Any last words?

To all the authors, we should not throw away our confidence in doing what God has gifted us with, because in due time we shall reap if we do not give up. Let us be the faithful stewards to whom God shall say, “Welcome into my joy … you have been faithful with little, I will give you charge over much”. Amen

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