The Date Is August 2009 – Consume What You Sell!

I was in my mid twenties and full of energy looking for a job as a banker. Yani, hata Equity Bank could not find me a spot? I lowered my expectations and I was ok to even work for a micro finance. I got an interview with Faulu Kenya but for some reason they said I was over qualified? I was devastated!

My friend and Bible School classmate then, Patrick Omukhango (later to be husband lol – story for another day) had put a word for me to Edith Wamalwa, the then General Manager at Christian Literature Communications – CLC Kenya for a position of sales and marketing officer. Because I had been jobless for almost a year, as most people do, I decided to take the job to shikilia as I wait for Bank ya Members to call me. They did not call 🙂

Anyway, all that story is digression. The point is, I went to my then pastor Vincent Odhiambo to (promote) me. For my International friends, that is to ask him to buy books from me because he is my pastor and friend. Everyone knew Vincent was and is a book fanatic! I was sure of a sale which was so important for me to make a good impression on my new boss. I sat in his office as I showed him the amazing selection and variety CLC Kenya had. I continued gaining confidence as I saw him get excited. “This is going to be a good one,” I told myself.

So Vincent asked me, “How many books do you have in your house that you have purchased?” Ooops! Ooops! I told him none. He slowly pushed the samples I had carried back to me, plus my catalogue, and he asked me to go back to him after I had purchased some books for myself.

If you have read till the end, the point is, you should and must not sell what you don’t consume. If what you are selling is so good, you should be the first consumer right? Otherwise it’s a scam!

#Lesson101 The things Jesus began to do then teach. Conclusion: Vincent helped me to buy over 200 books over time. Most second hand from Focus kenya and I came back to Vincent and he (promoted) me so many times!

#Lesson102 Have friends who will push your limits.

Did I mention that the photo is of Vincent and I at Genesis Genealogies pastors’ conference I had convened in 2019 in partnership with RCentre in South Korea? Vincent is still in my life 11 years later. Still (promoting me).

#Lesson103 Some friends stick closer than blood. Those ones, they are for keeping 🙂

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