Assignment 2.0 Pre-Writing

Assignments create teaching and learning opportunities to think and learn about ideas, topics, events, and questions — about specific content in the writing course. This is why a quality assignment is the hallmark of effective instruction. By completing each assignment in the context of the unit you are in, you will form a stronger foundation for yourself to understand the next unit and by the end of the course, you should have the manuscript (first draft) ready. 

1. Send a good resolution passport photo to Gloria on WhatsApp 0733817962. Indicate your author’s names (how you will want your names to appear in your final book). 

2. Define who the target audience (reader) for your book is.   

3. Set up a writing timetable to help you with the discipline of consistent writing. 

4. If you can, also have a working title. You can change this during the third stage of editing.

For assignment #2 to #4 please leave your answers in the comment box below.


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