Do an outline/bigger picture/skeleton of your book

This will form your map towards the writing journey. It’s important to note that the direction may change midway, but you must have something at the beginning. You are writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, if He chooses to lead you in a different direction, then you will just obey. 

Back On My Feet Book Outline:


Chapter One: How did I get here – The fall or Tragedy?

Chapter Two: A Plan of Escape

Chapter Three: Escaping – From Bondage to Freedom

  • The road back to sexual purity
  • The road back to financial independence
  • The road back to emotional stability
  • The road back to mastering child care

Chapter Four: The Come Back – Thriving and Flourishing

  • Sowing righteousness
  • Model for your child 
  • Preparing for the right partner

Chapter Five: Comfort Others

This was not the initial outline, at the editing and revising phase, some chapters were merged, others were deleted and others were moved around to attain the desired flow.

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  • Outline

    1. The trigger

    2. The onset of depression

    3. Battling with depression

    4. Overcoming Depression

    5. The victory

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