The Journey Of Single Parenthood (By Angela Nyakinyua)

When I started this journey of single parenthood, I must truly admit that I was very scared. I felt so lost, more so starting life without a job or a stable income.
However, God gave me the strength to take the first step, which is always the first thing we need to do in any situation in life. I will not lie that the first few months were easy, no they were not. I ended up taking the jobs that I felt I was ‘less qualified for’ simply to make the end meets. The book of psalms 146:7 always encouraged me and it still does, that, he gives justice to the oppressed and food to the hungry. And for sure, my babies and I never lacked.

This whole journey is not anything I listed for, no! I never imagined at the age of 33 I would be divorced with two children. I questioned God several times when most of my close friends were driving, had good jobs, happy marriages, but God never got tired of showing me how much he loves me. Recently, I had rent arrears and auctioneers came knocking at my door, I was lost. Where was I to get that amount of money? Who do I ask for help? but then again he came through bigger and better! So, friends, I know in life we all face difficulties, hurdles, and at times we hit the rock bottom in this singlehood journey. Despite that, know God never gets tired of us. I mean if he can take care of birds and be concerned about their lives, what more can he do for us? We who are created in his image and likeness?

It is not by coincidence that God anointed Muthoni to take us through this amazing journey of rising beyond being single parents, financially, emotionally, and even finding love again. That indeed is how God loves us, showing us he is God of second chances, and no matter how many times we feel like we have failed, he will never tire of showing immense love to us. This verse speaks volumes in my life every day and yes, it should always guide us even as we rise to new beginnings. ” If God can take care of the birds in the sky and be concerned for their lives, then can you imagine how much more he loves you?”_ (Mathew 10:29-32).

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